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Our principal and consultants each have over 15 years of progressive expert level accounting and QuickBooks experience. We are your go to firm for all of your accounting, bookkeeping, financial budgeting and human resources needs. It all started when our principal, Maureen Lara, saw a need for technical skill-sets in the accounting field. There are plenty of accountants with accounting principals (GAAP) knowledge, but lack in software expertise. Then there are bookkeepers who are great at data entry but have no accounting skills-sets. Companies deserve to have the best of both worlds in talent. Strong accountants who are top level in technical skill-sets, always on top of technology advancements, learning new techniques that add value to organizations. So that is exactly what CFO Accountants offer. Seasoned accountants with seasoned technical experience.

The CFO Story

We are an accounting firm providing the best in professional and trusted accounting services. Our Founder is Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are held accountable to the Highest Authority. We place value on integrity and business ethics. Rest assured that you are in good hands.

Our clients can rest assured that they are at the center of our business decisions. We pride ourselves on our approach to business being personal and individually tailored to each client’s needs. We constantly strive to uphold ourselves to the highest professional standards and to provide sound advice. We never charge for our recommendations and advice, but only for the work of our hands, that we personally were involved in some way or aspect of your company.

At CFO Accountants, we pride ourselves in providing quality service, as we are more than just Accountants; we are CFO Accountants, providing CFO level advice. Our MBA knowledge will be put to the test as anything we can do to help you grow financially; we will do our best to put all of our efforts in your company’s growth. We make our financial models, both usable and easily understood while still giving you access to all the pertinent information needed to effectively manage your company.

At CFO Accountants, we realize that good work doesn’t go unnoticed, which is why we believe that our greatest assets are the relationships we create with our clients. Since our conception, we have built our business on the understanding that in order for us to grow we must first help our clients succeed. We appreciate your referrals and even gift you after one of them comes on board, as a sincere thank you.

Prudent decision making and conservatism brings a proposition that is well planned and designed. For this reason, we are still offering Pro Bono Business Plans to new AND existing clients. Why? Because we firmly believe that this is the most vital document you will ever possess in your business, worth far more than rubies and gold.

We provide professional accounting services and management consulting. CFO Accountants continues to build our reputation on honesty and integrity. We believe that exceptional client service is all about trust. This trust grows from partnering with people dedicated to understanding your business needs. Our commitment to superior client service is visible every day by our staff. We are dedicated to understanding your business needs.

It is consistently important to have a clear understanding of the financial health of your organization. If you need a CFO or your CFO needs an accountant we can fill your request. Ledgers and internal reporting that accurately reflect your financial information enable your team to make better decisions. Our team responds to the challenges you face today and anticipates the opportunities of tomorrow. Our clients recognize the differences that set us apart.

At CFO Accountants, you develop a personal connection with our team that is devoted to your field. With our years of experience, we offer unique insights, deliver original research and provide techniques and tools specifically designed for you. We treasure integrity and quality while creating unique client experiences. With our industry expertise and resources, we continue to deliver a service that positively impacts your business.

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