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QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting (Cloud Access Only) – Subscriptions Sold Separately


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Intuit’s hosting service is powered by Right Networks and it is a monthly subscription per user per month and is sold as add-on to the QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions customers.

 Starting at $78.20/user/month (15% off for the first year with ES Stand Alone purchase)

QBES with Hosting

 Starting at $54/user for QuickBooks Enterprise Core subscription version. 20% off and only available in monthly pricing option and new customer. 

Some of the key factors that differentiate Intuit’s service from others are:

  • HyperRight-Advanced virtualization technology
  • Highest Reliability- Tier IV data centers & Not single point of failure
  • Anywhere/anytime access
  • Familiar user experience
  • 90 day backups and Auto software upgrades
  • Business continuity
  • Data security
  • Instant access through any browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Mac)
  • iPad/iPhone/tablet/mobile app for easy access and no configuration
  • Automatic patches and system upgrades when it’s right for me

When do you need hosting services:

  • Multiple locations
  • Out in the field a lot
  • Sever needs upgrades or needs to be replaced
  • Users need the flexibility to work remotely
  • No internal IT department
  • If currently you do not have a server
  • If you are not technical or computer savvy
  • Your server has crashed and don’t have the time or money to purchase and set up a new one
  • If you are open to a workaround for accessing through a Tablet or Mac.

Cloud accounting: What is it?

“Cloud (Internet-accessible) accounting” offers your growing business a fast, affordable way to make your business data available to everyone on your team who needs it, simultaneously, without the restrictions, risk expense and disruption of maintaining it in-house. With cloud accounting, your software and data are stored for you (“hosted”) on private commercial Web servers. Users simply log in over the Internet and work as if they were at the office. Commercial hosting services typically maintain multiple levels of security, firewalls, encryption, backup power and hazard prevention – much more than what’s available at the average worksite. And there’s another important benefit: Updates and upgrades are performed “behind the scenes,” without disrupting your business. New features simply “appear,” on your desktop, ready to use. And maintenance updates are completely transparent to users. Cloud accounting offers a cost-effective solution for businesses that want to work, collaborate and grow.

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